We offer the most creative solutions for your needs in the fastest way.

Diverse products in Gaziteks are created in accordance with our customers needs and demands as well as the data we get out of the researches we conduct on behalf of our customers on global fashion trends. The products developed by our experienced collection and sample team are manufactured in the fastest and most accurate way in accordance with high quality standarts.

Through our customer focused working principles, we continuously develop new products and solutions in accordance order to meet our customers changing needs and demands. Using innovative models, original fabriscs, different techniques of washing and dyeing, special stamp and emroidery alternatives, up-to-date accessories and other decorative techniques, we offer the most creative solutions in the fastest way.

Some of the knitted ready wear products we manufacture and the fabrics that we use are listed below:

Tshirt, Sweatshirt, Trousers, Shorts, Blouse Partially Dyed Fabrics (Reactive, Antique, Pigment) Washed Fabrics (Enzyme+Stone, Normal, Acid) Fabrics with Dyed Thread Stripe Woven Fabrisc, Organics Fabrisc.

100% Cotton, Cotton Lycra, 100% Viscose, Viscose Lycra, Viscose Polyester, Bamboo, Polyamide, Milk, Mercerized, Tencel.

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